To get rid of the biological problems using wooden beer barrels, we developed the Holzkeg as an absolute clean system basing on the KEG technology, with the nostalgic effect of an old times beer barrel.

left (pic.1) different sizes of the Holzkeg.

Micromatic statement concerning changes of the keg filling system (pdf)

Holzkeg catalouge with
dimensions (pdf) only German

The interior of the barrel is a standard stainless steel Keg container, with it´s top suitable for all spears.
( well type, flat type, Kombi, draft)

For breweries the most important aspect besides the biology was the automatic cleaning and filling on their standard KEG filling lines. One side effect is, the high temperature stability of the Kegs because of the PU Foam between container and wood. 

 Holzkegs from 5-20 litre can be processed very easily by most standard KEG filling machines ( pic.).

With some machines or semi automatic filling lines there is no problem with even 50 or 90 litre Holzkegs.

After Filling and cooling there is nothing that separates you or your client from a fresh draft
The draft equipment is the Micromatic spring valve ( pic. right) and a brass beer tab.